You might need these 15 unusual hangover cure recipes from around the world this Christmas.

Hangovers are a common aftermath of festive celebrations, and people around the world have come up with various remedies, some more unconventional than others. Here are 15 weird hangover remedies from different cultures:

  1. Russia: Pickle Juice
    • Russians believe that drinking the brine from a jar of pickles can help alleviate a hangover. The salty and sour combination is thought to replenish electrolytes.
  2. Mongolia: Tomato Juice and Pickled Sheep Eyes
    • In Mongolia, a traditional remedy involves drinking tomato juice with pickled sheep eyes. The belief is that the nutrients in the eyes and the vitamins in the tomato juice can cure a hangover.
  3. Germany: Rollmops
    • Germans turn to Rollmops, which are pickled herring fillets wrapped around a pickle or onion. The combination of protein and the brine is believed to help with hangover symptoms.
  4. Japan: Umeboshi
    • Japanese people consume umeboshi, pickled plums, to help with hangovers. The acidity is thought to balance the body’s pH and aid in recovery.
  5. Korea: Haejangguk
    • Koreans have Haejangguk, a soup made with coagulated ox blood, vegetables, and various seasonings. It is believed to help revitalize the body after excessive drinking.
  6. Mexico: Menudo
    • In Mexico, menudo, a soup made from tripe and hominy, is a popular choice for hangover relief. The spices and warmth are thought to help the body recover.
  7. Poland: Sour Rye Soup (Żurek)
    • Poles swear by Żurek, a sour rye soup containing fermented rye flour. It’s believed to soothe the stomach and provide essential nutrients.
  8. Iceland: Sheep’s Head
    • In Iceland, a traditional remedy involves consuming a boiled sheep’s head. The nutrients and fats are believed to help the body recover.
  9. Italy: Espresso and Lemon
    • Italians often turn to a combination of strong espresso and lemon to kickstart their metabolism and counteract the effects of a hangover.
  10. Spain: Caldo Gallego
    • Spanish tradition includes Caldo Gallego, a soup made with greens, potatoes, and chorizo. It is thought to replenish nutrients and hydrate the body.
  11. China: Congee
    • Congee, a rice porridge, is a popular Chinese hangover remedy. It’s easy on the stomach and provides essential nutrients for recovery.
  12. Vietnam: Pho
    • Vietnamese people often choose Pho, a noodle soup with broth, meat, and herbs, to help recover from a hangover. The warmth and variety of ingredients are believed to be beneficial.
  13. USA: Prairie Oyster
    • In the United States, some swear by the Prairie Oyster, a concoction made with raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, salt, and pepper. It’s believed to restore lost nutrients.
  14. Scotland: Irn-Bru
    • Scots often opt for Irn-Bru, a popular Scottish carbonated beverage, to combat a hangover. The high sugar content and caffeine are thought to provide a quick energy boost.
  15. India: Buttermilk and Cumin
    • In India, a common remedy involves drinking buttermilk mixed with roasted cumin seeds. The combination is believed to aid digestion and provide relief from a hangover.

While these remedies may be rooted in cultural traditions, it’s essential to note that the most effective way to prevent a hangover is to drink alcohol in moderation and stay hydrated. If you do indulge, getting plenty of rest and consuming water and nutritious foods can also contribute to a faster recovery.

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